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Vormetric Cloud Encryption

Vormetric Cloud Encryption protects data-at-rest within cloud environment

For both enterprises using cloud environments and cloud service providers, encryption is a critical requirement for securing data files. Vormetric Cloud Encryption easily and simply provides the protection, encryption key management, fine-grained access controls and advanced security intelligence data to protect sensitive data-at-rest within public, private or hybrid cloud environments. With Vormetric encryption for your cloud implementations, you can:

  • Support Compliance – Meet compliance requirements for data file encryption, separation of duties and access controls for protected data, including PCI-DSS and Data Across Borders.
  • Protect against data breach incidents - Help to protect from data breach incidents with secure encryption, encryption key management and policy-based access controls to protected data files in cloud environments – Including the risks posed by exposure of customer data to cloud providers and of data exposure due to the shared, comingled data storage used to support cloud environments.
  • Secure from advanced persistent threats – Vormetric Cloud Encryption provides the raw security intelligence about data access to information protected by encryption that enables a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to recognize an advanced persistent threat, or malicious insider.

The Vormetric Cloud Encryption is a single, scalable solution that can easily encrypt any file, database or application, anywhere it resides on supported operating systems and file systems — without sacrificing application performance and while avoiding key management complexity.

  • Transparent – Vormetric Cloud Encryption includes seamless encryption key management within the solution and is completely transparent to applications and users – allowing existing processes and usage to continue with no changes. Protecting any data file within cloud environments simply, easily and efficiently.
  • Fine grained access controls – By design, the Vormetric Cloud Encryption solution supports detailed, policy-based separation of duties to offer a higher degree of security. Prevent cloud administrators, root, network system administrative or unauthorized programmatic access to restricted data while allowing appropriate user and application usage. Lock out the cloud provider’s visibility into your data, while also removing the risk that shared data file storage may result in exposure of your private information.
  • Security Intelligence – Vormetric log data is designed for easy integration with SIEM solutions, providing them with the detailed information on usage, access and access attempts that enables SIEM solutions to identify compromised accounts, applications and even administrators.

Enable Enterprises to Transition Confidently to the Cloud

Vormetric encryption for cloud environments allows organizations to take control of their data protection for public, private and hybrid cloud implementations as well as traditional on-premises data center resources. A single, centrally managed infrastructure across all environments allows for management of cloud data security as well as data security for physical and virtual data center resources.

Cloud Service Providers Create high value services with enhanced data security

For any cloud service – Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Managed Private Cloud offerings, SaaS hosting or others - the Vormetric Cloud Encryption is a perfect fit; multi-tenant ready, scalable, secure implementation, and including the APIs and interfaces required to work with existing infrastructure.

Unlock new opportunities for your cloud offering by directly addressing the concerns of enterprise customers that use of a cloud service will expose them to the financial costs of losing legally protected data, theft of intellectual property and regulatory non-compliance. Vormetric cloud encryption enables enhanced services with that include higher levels of data protection, meet key components of regulatory standards, and distinguish your cloud encryption solution from competitors.

Customer and Partner Success

  • Rackspace Cloud Partners
  • McKesson
  • AWS
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • CenturyLink
  • QTS
  • Teleperformance Secures
  • Delta Dental