Vormetric Data Security Platform

Extending Data Encryption, Access Controls, and Data Access Logging into Docker Containers!

Docker is bringing unprecedented benefits to organizations, but comes with new risks. Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension delivers critical encryption, access controls, and logging capabilities that enable organizations to meet compliance, regulatory, and best practice requirements for safeguarding data within dynamic Docker environments.

Directly extending the power of proven Vormetric Transparent Encryption into Docker environments, Transparent Encryption Docker Extension leverages open Docker APIs and interfaces to enable policy-based encryption, access controls and data access logging for information stored within Docker containers or accessed from Docker. The result is rock solid operation, easy deployment and the protection organizations need to safely deploy production applications that use even the most sensitive information.

Transparent Encryption Docker Extension

  • As an extension of Vormetric Transparent Encryption, the solution offers all of Transparent Encryption’s benefits; Transparent deployment – No changes to containers or applications are required. Support for compliance and contractual mandates – satisfies requirements for encryption, data access controls, and data access audit logs. Limits privileged user risk with controls for root, cloud, storage and other administrators. Scales and grows with enterprise requirements.
  • Prevent abuse by privileged insiders within container environments. Docker Extension further guards against unauthorized access to data within containers. Keeping administrators with root access and other privileged users from getting to data they’re not specifically authorized for.
  • Leverage containers and cloud, without compromising security. With Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension, organizations can enforce security policies in dynamic Docker environments as well as within multi-tenant cloud or virtual environments. As a result, the solution enables maximum efficient use of resources, without compromises in security.
  • Address compliance. Organizations that manage sensitive payment card data, healthcare records, or other sensitive assets, can use this solution to address the data access control requirements of pertinent compliance mandates.

Enables Common Docker Deployment Scenarios


Vormetric Intel Playbook

The Intel – Vormetric Security Playbook

The ever evolving landscapes in company goals & objectives make security hard.

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Vormetric Transparent Encryption Demo

Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Watch this short demo to learn how Vormetric Transparent Encryption makes it easy to deploy file...

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 The Vormetric solution not only solved all of our encryption needs but alleviated any fears of the complexity and overhead of managing the environment once it was in place. 

Joseph Johnson
Chief Information Security Officer


Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Docker Extension

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Data Security Platform Architecture

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

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Performance Whitepaper – MongoDB 3.2

Performance Whitepaper – MongoDB 3.2

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Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Use Cases

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Encryption Architecture

Aberdeen Group Demystifies Data-at-Rest Encryption

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The Vormetric Digital Digest on Data Security

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