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Encryption Key Protection And Security Object Vaulting

Vormetric Vault – A Simple, Secure Solution for Securing Encryption Keys

Encryption keys are an indispensable element in the delivery of IT services. Encryption keys secure data in motion and data at rest. Encryption keys protect sensitive data throughout its lifecycle within enterprises - including critical applications, web transactions, file systems, databases, file transfers, and much more. This ubiquity of usage has a downside, most encryption keys are unmanaged. Unmanaged, unsecured encryption keys represent a prime target for hackers – and a real risk for your organization.

Vormetric Vault is a simple, secure encryption key solution to protect and manage third party encryption keys, as well as your certificates and other security objects. By securing access to encryption keys and automating the reporting and tracking processes, Vormetric Vault mitigates the risk of a data breach or loss of critical intellectual property, as well as reducing the impact of problems that occur when encryption keys expire or are misplaced, lost or stolen with:

  • Alerts -  Prevent the down time and loss of business that results from certificates and encryption keys expiring unexpectedly
  • Reports – Avoid potential loss of corporate and regulatory compliance with detailed encryption key and certificate strength, type and other information
  • Secure storage – Keeps certificates and encryption keys from being lost or stolen – via secure storage in the Vormetric Data Security Manager – a hardened FIPS 140-2 certified hardware or virtual appliance

The Vormetric Vault features support for both symmetric and asymmetric encryption keys, a web-based management interface and a rich command line interface for bulk operation, script and extended application support. The encryption key solution is extensible – the same Vormetric Data Security Manager appliance is at the heart of all Vormetric Data Security solutions including Vormetric Encryption and Vormetric Key Management.

With Vormetric Vault your organization will be able to:

  • Receive proactive alerts for expiring encryption keys
  • Identify weak encryption keys and certificates
  • Securely store encryption keys used with SSL certificates for critical web properties
  • Upload and automatically parse batches of encryption keys
  • Provide encryption key details to support a compliance audit
  • Download (or export from the vault) single or multiple encryption keys
  • Create and view reports of detailed encryption key information

Customer and Partner Success

  • Rackspace Cloud Partners
  • McKesson
  • AWS
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • CenturyLink
  • QTS
  • Teleperformance Secures
  • Delta Dental