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September 2015NEWSLETTER
  Encryption Drives Business
Enabling Velocity and Profitability
Diversify Your Data Protection Strategy
Now you can hide sensitive data in plain sight.
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From the CEO's chair

Enterprise Encryption: Enabling Velocity and Profitability

Alan Kessler | CEO

If you’re running a business, there’s a good chance you’re focused on reaching certain end goals. Two of those goals likely include both velocity and profitability. The Oxford Dictionary defines velocity as “the speed of something in a [...]



Back to Basics: A Quick Guide to the Enterprise Encryption Ecosystem
Louise Bulman, VP EMEA

We are able to access our data from nearly anywhere in the world, and this an incredible business resource, but this has increased the risk of data being compromised by malicious parties. Now, with data held in the cloud, in data warehouses or being [...]



Backdoor Encryption: Where Government and Hackers Become One in the Same
Tina Stewart, VP of Marketing

Once upon a time, cybersecurity was rarely discussed and we paid mild attention to the content we shared online. However, large scale breaches like those at Target, Anthem and Home Depot opened Americans’ eyes to the information we release in the cyber world – even [...]



Your Journey To The Cloud

More organizations are making their move to the cloud than ever before; and it’s not surprising. A more diverse user community, in more locations, leveraging both managed and unmanaged devices and accessing more cloud based applications. In many cases, the only way to scale is moving to the cloud. Read Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway whitepaper now and learn how to confidently and securely embrace cloud storage.



The Right Tool For the Right Job

As tempting as it may be to simply use a security technology that has worked in one area as the solution for another, the right approach is to carefully consider what risks you are trying to address, and what technologies are most appropriate to address them. When it comes to encryption, there are times that full disk encryption is the right way to go, while other times file level encryption is the right choice. Read Aberdeen report that demystifies encryption for data-at-rest.


Vormetric & McAfee
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Vormetric Encryption
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Vormetric & McAfee Customer win story Vormetric Encryption Backdoor survey Joint Vormetric-Linoma Solution for IBM series
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