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  Lock Down Your Data And
Unlock Your Cloud Storage Possibilities.
Now you can hide sensitive data in plain sight.
Now you can hide sensitive data in plain sight.
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From the CEO's chair

SaaS Bill of Rights – It's All About the SaaS

Alan Kessler | CEO

Recently, we released the results from the cloud edition of our 2015 Insider Threat Report. My colleagues Andy Kicklighter and CJ Radford delved into the results in their blog posts from March 24 and March 26, and I’ve gone into a bit more detail about the findings below. But, the purpose of this blog is to do two things [...]



Encryption is the Gateway Drug – Announcing the Vormetric Cloud
Encryption Gateway

Derek Tumulak, VP of Product Management

When it comes to SaaS security concerns, cloud storage tops the list. In fact, 83 percent of U.S., and 72 percent of global respondents were very or extremely concerned about the protection of sensitive data within online storage environments, according to [...]



Top 4 Cloud Findings – Cloud and Big Data Insider Threat Report
Andy Kicklighter, Dir. of Product Marketing

We just this week issued the Cloud and Big Data edition of the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report. In this edition we concentrated on the results relating directly to cloud and big data environments, and there were some real eye openers once [...]



When Healthcare Data Gets Exposed It Comes at a Premium
Tina Stewart, VP of Marketing

This year, with our 2015 Insider Threat Report, we’ve also been releasing extended information for target verticals and markets. Today we released the Healthcare results from the study, and earlier released financial and retail, cloud and big data and Japan and ASEAN [...]



Security and Expediency: How to Get Both in Cloud Storage Environments
Charles Goldberg, Sr. Dir. of Product Marketing

In our professional lives, we’re often confronted with a choice between expediency and security. In that arena, security, more often than not, comes out the loser. Employees have grown increasingly reliant on technology, and if a new technology helps [...]


Insider Threat Report
Healthcare Edition
Insider Threat Report
Cloud and Big Data Edition
New Analyst Report
from 451 Research:
Insider Threat Report - Retail Edition Insider Threat Report - Financial Edition New Securosis Whitepaper
With a 2.5x increase in data
breaches since 2013, learn about
Healthcare top IT security concerns.
Double jeopardy – Big Data
is often implemented in the cloud.
Learn about the top concerns.
Vormetric enters the Encryption Gateway fray with latest extension to its platform strategy.
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Vormetric (@Vormetric) is the industry leader in data security solutions that span physical, virtual and cloud environments. Data is the new currency and Vormetric helps enterprise customers and government agencies protect what matters—their sensitive data—from both internal and external threats. For more information, visit www.vormetric.com.


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