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Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Key Management Solution

Today, many versions of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases now provide Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) functionality. Through this TDE functionality, customers can encrypt data at the database or cell level within Oracle and SQL Server databases. However, in most organizations, each of these databases will only be one of the many sensitive data repositories in which encryption is employed to protect sensitive data. It is very likely that you will need to encrypt the log files and report files that contain sensitive data from these databases as well. In addition, data in other applications and databases will often need to be encrypted as well, which means that organizations will need to invest in multiple encryption products, encryption key management and storage systems, and implementation efforts.

If your organization has invested in these TDE solutions, Vormetric can help you leverage these investments, while substantially strengthening security and streamlining administrative efforts.

Vormetric Key Management can centrally manage encryption keys from Oracle TDE, Microsoft SQL Server TDE, all Vormetric products, and other Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)-compliant encryption platforms. By leveraging Vormetric Key Management, your security teams can avoid the cost and effort of having to support multiple encryption key managers—and more easily ensure encryption keys are properly stored, secured, and backed up. Vormetric Key Management also offers these advantages:

  • Manageability. Vormetric Key Management provides encryption key generation, recovery, and expiration tracking for the master and database encryption keys for all integrated encryption devices.
  • Availability. Vormetric Key Management increases data availability by storing encryption keys in highly reliable Vormetric Data Security Manager appliances, which can be configured in a redundant fashion to support failover and disaster recovery.
  • Granular access controls. Vormetric Key Management provides separation of duties between IT functions and encryption key management, including encryption key generation, storage, expiration tracking, and auditing of encryption key operations.

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 We’ve never had a Vormetric Data Security Manager appliance fail, or even falter. The separation of key operators, key creator, policy, administrator, access controls, and the separation of duties model are all truly military grade; and I have a lot of experience in this field! 

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