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Vormetric Brings Critical Safeguards into Docker Environments

Within today’s enterprises, the use of the Docker platform has been growing dramatically—and as this growth continues, so does the increased need for Docker encryption and container security. With Vormetric Transparent Encryption, organizations can efficiently institute robust, can secure and control their Docker containers, no matter how broadly or rapidly they proliferate and encrypt the data these Docker containers create, access and share.

Docker is an open source platform that makes it easy to package, manage, and distribute applications. The Docker platform provides highly effective support of an organization’s DevOps efforts, enabling faster and easier development, iteration, testing, and deployment. Given these advantages, enterprise usage of Docker containers has been seeing explosive growth.

As rapidly expanding volumes of sensitive assets start to reside in these dynamic Docker containers, the need to implement strong controls grows increasingly critical. Data at rest in Docker containers is susceptible to many of the same security threats as traditional data center environments, including security threats from external cyber attackers as well as malicious insiders. Further, like virtual machines in cloud environments, Docker containers are easy to replicate, which can lead to widespread and uncontrolled sprawl. Similarly, the sensitive data produced by the container applications also needs to be controlled. Consequently, without proper safeguards, this proliferation of containers and data can significantly expand the number and types of threats confronting an organization.

Secure Docker Environments with Vormetric Transparent Encryption

Vormetric Transparent Encryption is an agent that operates in the host operating system layer. This agent enables data-at-rest encryption, privileged user access control, and security intelligence logs for structured databases and unstructured files. With these security capabilities, organizations can establish persistent, strong controls around their Docker container images. Vormetric Transparent Encryption can also secure any sensitive data that is stored and shared between Docker containers on network file systems that are mounted to a Docker container or to direct storage.

Vormetric enables organizations to implement strong controls in Docker environments

Vormetric enables organizations to implement strong controls in Docker environments

Vormetric Transparent Encryption offers these advantages in Docker environments:

  • Seamless, efficient implementation. The encryption solution offers complete transparency, meaning security teams can employ encryption without having to modify Docker containers or any of the application code running within the images. Vormetric Transparent Encryption employs controls that can span container instances across multiple hosts, enabling efficient and scalable implementations.
  • Persistent safeguards. Encryption and access controls help security teams ensure Docker images can’t be tampered with or stolen. In addition, only environments with access to the Vormetric Data Security Manager can launch Docker instances. For further protection, a security intelligence audit trail of accessed Docker images is created and privileged users are prevented from accessing or launching Docker images.
  • Centralized key management. Easy to deploy and manage across multiple Docker hosts, security teams create polices in the Vormetric Data Security Manager to control which users can access Docker images and launch container instances.


Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

Vormetric Transparent Encryption Architecture

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Vormetric Brings Critical Safeguards Into Docker Environments

Vormetric Brings Critical Safeguards Into Docker Environments

Vormetric Transparent Encryption, deployed across multiple Docker hosts, employs controls that help security teams ensure Docker images can’t be tampered with or stolen.

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 Vormetric has succeeded in implementing a relevant data security platform to support recent client demand based around data protection. Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that this innovative platform can better answer specific security demands including encryption and protection of databases and files in the latest technology innovations such as cloud-based and Big Data environments. 

- 2015 Global Data Security
Platform New Product Innovation
Award, Frost and Sullivan


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