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Data breach security, compliance and control are top enterprise concerns when considering a cloud service. Customers are dealing with increased data security requirements from governments and regulatory agencies, as well as new internal mandates from executives that must be met. While enterprises drive to take advantage of the economic benefits and business agility offered by cloud solutions, they must also address these concerns.

These concerns also represent opportunity. Cloud services that meet these needs can command premium pricing, larger addressable markets and greater financial success.

  • Compliance– Lawmakers and regulators around the world continue to implement new frameworks to protect critical data from breaches. For any organization that must meet these expanding and explicit compliance requirements – or face a loss of regulatory certification – failure to offer cloud solutions that enable them to meet these mandates automatically disqualifies solutions from consideration.
  • Control– Organizations need to limit access to their data within cloud environments to limit their exposure to the pain of data breaches and to assist in meeting compliance requirements. Preventing cloud administrators, root, network system administrative or unauthorized programmatic access to restricted data while allowing appropriate user and application usage is a necessity.
  • Security– Even within their current IT infrastructure, traditional perimeter and end point security solutions are failing these organizations in the face of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other new attacks. Now faced with the business requirement to implement cloud-based resources they need their cloud service providers to provide them protection from these same threats within cloud environments and applications.

Securing Data in Cloud Environments with Vormetric Data Centric Security

Vormetric data security solutions allow cloud service providers to create high value offerings with data centric security. These offerings can assist customers in meeting compliance requirements while adding additional safeguards against the loss of data due to APTs or other threats, as well as the resulting pain of a data breach incident.

  • Data Security Platform– The Vormetric Data Security Platform secures critical data – placing the safeguards and access controls for your data with your data.The strong encryption capabilities, fine-grained access controls and security intelligence information provided by the Vormetric Data Security platform results in securing customer information - protecting critical data where it resides.
  • Fine-grained Access Controls– Compliance with regulatory standards (including PCI-DSS) requires strong separation of duties that can only be accomplished with access controls that restrict administrative access (including cloud administrators, system administrators and others) to protected data. Vormetric provides the fine-grained access controls for users, groups and processes that allow organizations to meet these requirements.
  • Encryption and Key Management– Vormetric provides strong encryption and key management that enables compliance and is transparent to processes, applications and users. The solution requires no changes to existing infrastructure and easily protecting both unstructured data within file systems, volumes and big data deployments as well as structured data within databases.
  • Security Intelligence– Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) compatible log formats are a core feature of Vormetric solutions. Logs capture all access to protected data providing high value, security intelligence information that can identify compromised accounts and malicious insiders as well as finding access patterns by processes and users that may represent and APT attack in process.

Vormetric Data Security Solutions are Cloud-Ready

Vormetric Data Security protects data inside of your cloud operating environment while establishing security policies and maintaining control through a centralized management interface. The cloud data breach solution enables you to control access to the data wherever it resides in your cloud environment.

  • No re-architecting or recoding required– Implementation of Vormetric Data Security solutions is completely transparent to users, application and storage.
  • Rapid deployment and implementation– The Vormetric Toolkit provides APIs and interfaces that enable fast rollout and standard deployment. Vormetric software agents become part of standard builds and images. Access controls and management can be handled with either a FIPS certified hardware appliance or a virtual appliance. Rollouts and implementations take days to weeks, not weeks to months.
  • Any platform, any data– A single, integrated management environment provides broad support for OS environments (Windows, Linux, Unix), databases and big data environments
  • Multi-tenant ready– The Vormetric Data Security platform is multi-tenant ready. With roles, users and groups that allow you to offer appropriate access to both customers and cloud administrators.
  • Minimal performance impact– Vormetric solutions have low overhead and result in minimal changes to the end user experience for applications, databases, file systems and more.


Vormetric Data Security Platform for Cloud Providers

Vormetric Data Security Platform for Cloud Providers

Security and Compliance – as a cloud service provider, you already know that these are two of the top concerns that customers have when considering a cloud service.  

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Vormetric Data Security Platform for Cloud Providers

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